Advisory Council

The Roles of the Advisory Council are
  • Ensure the spiritual health of the ministry through biblical leadership and prayer.
  • Program compliance to follow the program manual and policies of Kairos.
  • Recruitment of volunteers while ensuring rotations of new volunteers into the ministry, of existing volunteers, and of team members. Ensure enough volunteers are recruited while allowing the Weekend Leader to select the team per the program manual guidelines.
  • Fundraising through local venues to provide sufficient funds for the ministry along with proper financial reporting of funds and expenses.
  • Team building and leadership development which includes training of leaders and team meetings.
  • Ensure Weekend leaders and future leaders for the Advisory Council are identified and trained in a timely manner and have a 24-month leadership track in place.
  • Conducting the programs and continuing ministry on an on-going basis.
  • Reporting financials, Weekends, and results while using the tools provided by Kairos.
  • Ensure positive correctional institution relationships and approvals in place.
  • The Council meets every other month. Meetings may be held via teleconference.


   Chair: Rafael Treviño
   Vice Chair: Bruce Lownsbery
   Financial Secretary: Kay Lynn Witherspoon
   Treasurer: John Holden
   Secretary: Cristina Benavides
   State Representative: Dale Whitzel
   Fundraising/Sponsorship Coordinator: 
   Institutional Liaison: Ernie Benavides
   Outreach/Recruiting Coordinator: Joey Ibarra
   Agape Coordinator: Chuck Crowsey
   Fundraising/Sponsorship Coordinator: Gary Garcia
   Continuing Ministry Coordinator: Tillman Welch
   Communications Coordinator: Lucina Treviño
   Clergy Spiritual Coordinator: Vernon Ellsworth
    At Large Member: Don Kurth
    At Large Member: Stephen Prater
    At Large Member: Terry Shannon

   Segovia #14 Weekend Leader: Bruce Lownsbery