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Examples of Agape

PLACEMATS: The placemates are used for the many meals served on the weekend. Inmates are allowed to keep the placemats as a reminder of the spiritual food received on their Kairos weekend. Your effort becomes like a sacrament: an outward and visible sign of an inward reality -- that is, your wish for God's love for another person. 

You will need a total or 425 placemats for the weekend. Use only 11X17 white paper.
Anyone can decorate placemats -- Sunday School classes, Mothers Day Out groups, nursing homes, youth groups, etc. Placemats are due on Thursday of the weekend.
Children should sign with their first name only.

You may use: markers, colored pencils/pens, finger paints, sponge paints, stamps and pads.

May not use the following: glitter, stickers, glued on pictures, puff paints, scented paints or pens. Do not use seasonable decorations such as Easter, Thanksgiving, etc. 

POSTERS & BANNERS: These are a nice way of expressing love and support to all the candidates at one time. During the Kairos weekend, these posters and banners and displayed on the walls of the Community Room for all to see.

Use plain white poster board or white banner paper. Adults may sign their full names, children first name only.

A simple poster/banner might read: "Our prayers are with all the men of Kairos" and have everyone in your group sign their first names and ages. Then make sure that your group remembers to pray for the Kairos Segovia weekend.

Children may trace their hand prints all over the banner and put their first name and age within the hand print.

Sample sayings or phrases you might use:
  • Keep on trusting; Jesus loves you.
  • Hang on, He is there for you.
  • You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.
  • God bless you and keep you in the shadow of His wings.
  • Jesu, joy of man's desiring.
  • Jesus, He is the Resurrection and the Life
  • May He keep you in Perfect peace as you keep your mind fixed on Him.
  • His eye is on the sparrow and you know He watches over you.
  • You are loved with His everlasting Love.
  • Pray. God listens. Pray without ceasing.


PRAYER VIGIL CHAIN. Anyone, anywhere, may pray for the team, the candidates, or the weekend. Collect a list of names of people who promise to pray for a 30-minute interval during the weekend dates. The names, dates and times will be written on strips of construction paper to form a prayer chain that will be hung in the prison conference room. Prayer Vigils are due on Thursday of the weekend.

42 CANDIDATE LETTERS. The team will be able to put the names of the Candidates on the letters Friday night, both the inside and the envelope. So use white paper, lined or unlined, the same pen (bring it with you on the weekend) and white envelopes. Have the letters finished except for the names when you arrive for the weekend. When you finish the letters you may seal them. They are due when you arrive for breakfast on Saturday morning. Letters must be hand written. 

OTHERS OR COMMUNITY LETTERS may address the letters to “Men OR Brother in White” or “Men OR Brother in Christ.” They also must use white paper. They May OR May Not put them in an envelope but they do not seal the envelope.  Groups may get together to write or decide how many they will write such as Sunday School classes, Reunion groups, Friends, Family, children, youth, etc. Letters must be hand written. These letters are due when you arrive on Thursday. 

TALKS: The 11 Men giving the 11 talks need to bring 4 COPIES of that talk plus any handouts you want given to the participants. Tell me which one you want for the podium the day the talk is given and it will be marked accordingly. If you want a copy to keep for review the night before, then bring a fifth copy for you to keep. The 4 copies are due when you arrive on Thursday. 

GREEN AGAPE. This means money! Scholarships are needed to sponsor an inmate ––this is $150. Team donations are listed in the team folder so you know what they are. Anyone may donate any amount towards the cost of the weekend. All money is turned in to the person collecting money for this weekend. It can be paid any time before the weekend.