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How To Write An Agape Letter

1. Short, positive, uplifting, loving. No proselytizing or preaching. No politicking or references to punishment. 
2. Each letter should be handwritten. No photocopies. Use plain white stationary, with or without lines. No enclosures such as prayer cards, no stickers or seals, nothing glued on.
3. Sign the letters with the salutation of your choice and your first name only. NEVER include your home address or telephone number or office address or telephone number.
4. Team members will address the letters and envelopes with each participant's name when the attendees list is finalized on Friday. The Agape Team will fold letters, insert them in envelopes UNSEALED.

The best letters are those that come from the heart, after prayerful reflection and calling on the Lord for inspiration. If you can, include a commitment to prayer, sacrifice or good actions during the weekend.
Give a short description of your own experiences with Walk to Emmaus or ACTS, and encouragement to become involved in the Kairos community.

Dear Brother (Sister) or Participant's Name,
We all need a special friend at one time or another. Someone who loves and accepts us without reservation. Someone who can look beyond our human weaknesses and see the good in us. Jesus is this friend for me. I pray that this weekend will be an example of God's love for you and that your life will be touched by His love. I hope that you too will make Jesus your friend.
Your friend,